I've heard of massive feed back occuring when this is attempted, but I know that some artists (The Black Keys, The White Stripes to name a few) that pull it off.

I play a lot of 90's and modern alternitive rock, and was thinking about getting a hollowbody Ibanez Artcore, but I'm worried it won't be able to handle the distortion.

Basically do you guys know how full hollow bodies handle distortion/overdrive and should I get one or look into a semi-hollow?
You can OD/distort a hollow/semi-hollow without getting mad feedback. I usually like to use it to my advantage, but when I don't I just stand further from the amp, face away, mute strings, etc. You just have to learn to control it. The awesomeness of the hollowbody makes up for the mild inconvenience, and if you feel like doing a big dirty feedbacking solo, its just that much easier.

Edit: practicing at home it should be no problem at all, a little bit more if you're gigging/loudly jamming.
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For a great example of a distorted acoustic, check out some of David Gilmour's stuff.

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unless you're too close to the amp, or facing it, or using a stupid amount of gain, or too much volume for the room you're playing in, you shouldn't have any problems.
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