Hi - I bought (and really like a lot) an Ibanez GRX20L... but they were just discontinued recently. Any other votes for great left-handed beginner (sub-$500) guitars? The Ibanez is a great guitar, not sure why they stopped making them.


You can get a mexico fender for 300 or so dollars, alao keep an eye out for the MIM 'squier series' which ran in the mid 90s, its the same as the mims of the time besides tuners and bridge. I got mine for 150 and it was a 95, you might need a setup tho.

Kinda sucks being left handed since most stores dont have instrumemts we can play
try looking at Schecter guitars. They make lots of left handed versions of their guitars and have a similiar style to your Ibanez guitar (hard rock/ metal kinda look). Some are sub $500 dollars i think
thanks, I'll look at those too... nice to know what's worth testing out. hey by the way is it worth it to just buy a right-handed guitar and flip/restring it, or does that not work?
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