Hey guys,

I am looking to get me a new set of headphones.
I am looking for one that will suit the following needs:

- Over Ear Headphones
- Suitable for guitar playing, For plugging into amps and producing the best out of it
- Great for playing Stuff like Van Halen, Metallica, Megadeth, Queen, Ozzy...
- Also good for producing mp3 music
- Comfortable (but if the headphones have good audio quality then the comfort doesn't matter)
- $150 max
- powerful mid-range and clear bass and highs

Thanks for the help
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Shure srh440 or Audio technica ath-m50.
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Look into sennheiser. They have some pretty nice studio headphones in that price range.

Not sure if they're great for Queen, but they should be able to do VH and Ozzy.
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I've got a pair of Shure SRH750DJ's, and they're fantastic. The sound is crystal clear and well defined, and even at very high volumes they don't start to distort easily. I'd say that they're sensitive and and balanced enough even for mixing. They're a bit quiet with iPods and such, due to the impendance, I think, but with guitar processors they work very well.

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Grado SR80 or Audio-Technica ATH-A700
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I can't say enough about the Yamaha RH10MS... $99... they offer flat natural sound... but as importantly... a 3D surround sound... it's as if the sound is around your head and not directly in your ears. Two-thumbs up!
sennheiser hd 25 sp, dj's swear by them, parts are easily available, sound good, i've had mine for 15 years and not replaced a thing, honestly you cant go wrong with these, sound good for hi-fi as well.
Headphones into amps generally dont sound good.
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Headphones into amps generally dont sound good.

Unless the amp has speaker simulation built-in. Even without speaker simulation they sometimes dont suck.

What you need is a pair of studio/monitoring headphones. The most important thing you're looking for is a flat frequency response. IMO open back ones sound best, but they're just a bit of a pain when there's a lot of noise around. I'd look at Fostex and KRK, both great companies that aren't too expensive but have an excellent product.