Me and one of my friends made this song a while back and I just got around to recording the guitars. We don't really have recording equipment (I used audacity and a an audio cable) and this was my first time trying to edit/produce a song, so the quality and mixing aren't the greatest. Nor do we have a bassist, vocalist, or recording for drums so the other instruments are GP5 RSE sounds and this is just an instrumental version for now. All those other little drawbacks considered, I'm interested to hear what you all think. The song is also a little over 7 minutes, so I included pictures from the internet to keep you entertained. Hope you enjoy!


GP5 file attached if that interests you at all.
departure_2000 (4).gp5
Hey mate! that was a wicked tune. im not sure who your influences are but i could see hints of metallica, during the atmospheric guitar solos and harmonies and also maybe some funeral for a friend/ explosions in the sky/cult of luna during the more up tempo strumming sections? either way, it sounded great and must have taken a long time to create, the structure is well thought out. take a look at getting something like addictive drums to turn the GP5 sounds in to more realistic ones and you can get a cheap ass bass for like £60 that will beef up your sound. nice sound quality though considering, i would look forward to hearing it properly done!

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What I take away from this song is that you understand melodies! You could literally go through and dissect 6 sections from this song and develop them into individual tracks and they'll stand. So, big plus for the guitar melodies and the drum change-ups. Personal favorite section was the harmonized guitars. Guitars were well played also. Overall, great work... wouldn't it be swell to have a slicker mix??

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