I have a song that switches from 5/4 to 4/4 every other measure during the verse but the chorus is just straight 4/4 and the rest of the song continues in 4/4. How do you change the time signature for the individual measures? I need the odd numbered measures in 5/4 and the even in 4/4
On the right of the Arrange window is a series of four menu categories (Lists, Events, Media and Bin if I remember right). Go into Lists and then the Signature list. From here you just hit 'Create event' and select the new time signature from the time it starts (which is wherever the playhead was when you pressed 'Create Signature', by default, but is altered by changing the value of the 'Position').

The quickest way to do this for every bar is probably to keep clicking on the arrange window and using the shortcut key '>' to shift the playhead forward one bar then creating a signature change over and over til the end of the verses, then altering the time sig of every other event. Remember to set the sig. at the start of the chorus to 4/4 with a new event if your verses end in 5/4.

Edit: Corrected menu names now able to see them.
Hey, look. Sigs are back.
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