I'm currently looking for equipment to get some semblance of a home recording rig and am starting off with a basic digital-audio interface. Not worried about miking or anything like that just yet, basically just want the interface and editing software. I have a full workstation I can use at school, but lab hours are limited and it's a 20 minute drive. Bare bones minimum I'd need something to record/edit direct in guitar/bass tracks, MIDI instruments and effects would be nice but not entirely necessary.

I'm currently considering this (M-Audio Fast Track II) but haven't been able to find to many helpful user reviews

My price range caps at about $300 ($350-$400 would be pushing it, but not entirely out of the question)

Any recommendations on a good starter set-up or any opinions on the Fast Track UG?
I've used the M-Audio Fast Tracks in the past when I first started recording with a DAW and it worked very well. I had no problems when using it with Cubase. You might also want to check out Lexicon's Alpha or Lambda units, too. They're in the same price range. I currently use the Lambda and it works great.
The Focusrite Saffire 6 can be had for ~$160 new on eBay, from an authorized dealer, and they are by far the best in their price range. If you need more inputs/outputs, get one of the more expensive interfaces in the series. It's very hard to beat the Saffire series, unless you're spending 2-3 times more on a different interface.

The Fast Tracks are decent, but the mic inputs are pretty poor and so is the conversion. With your budget, you have the ability to buy a much better interface, instead of wasting money on something you'll want to upgrade in the near future.
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