thanks.................good crit
\M/ b4br4d \M/

a little repetitive like you said. I would try to cut it down a little bit maybe by taking out a few bars from the outro and either having the fade out end sooner or end it in a chord. love the change at around 1:15 and the chord progressions you used.
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added a new part. feels 60's ishy if anyone is interested......
\M/ b4br4d \M/

The intial thought that popped into my head, was this was a lot like Alice In Chains, and I liked the buried vocals, they seem a little in the back, but I really enjoyed that. I really loved the verse part, but the part it changed to didnt catch me too much. All in all, i enjoyed the song, its very mellow, and i enjoyed the overall feel like that. Keep it up mate!