My first time writing lyrics and wanted to see what people thought of them. I have only a pre-chorus and a chorus so far;

There's a fire in our eyes
Feeling insecure
No time for compromise
Suddenly so unsure

So here we are fighting
Here we are defining who we are
So here we are fighting
Here we are defining who we are

I'd love to know what you think.

Not bad for like, a pop rock song.

Personally, the only lyric i really enjoy is "There's a fire in our eyes", but you do have room to work with. Do you have music or a name for the song? Sometimes if you have one or the other it's a ton easier to write the song (some people say you should name the song when you're done, but if you come up with a name from the mood of the song, you can write lyrics geared toward the name of the song, so it all makes sense, and then rename it if needed).

But otherwise, it's solid lyric writing, so good job.
Listen to Here We Are by Breaking Benjamin and contemplate changing the second part.
It's the same opening line and the same rhyming sound at the end of the second. I agree that it could be different depending on how he does the music, but as of right now, it's quite similar.