ok so, I have been playing guitar for a while but I have a problem while finger picking. usually my pinkie finger sticks up and it tires out my hand early in the song. My teacher says i should just relax my hand more but when I do it sounds worse. any tips or help? and recently i have begun to scotch tape my pinkie to my ring finger but then it causes problems when i want to bend that finger and it cant really move... plus its really tacky. so pleeaaassseee help!
HAHA that was so funny I forgot to laugh
Well either you can suffer through until you get used to it, or you may try using a rubber or hair band. Something that stretches and lets you keep your mobility but still helps keep your pinky next to your other fingers.

Then again those suggestions are just off the top of my head, so the more learned members probably have better suggestions to help you out.
Your fingers should be like rubberbands when fingerpicking. Close your eyes and repeat:

ok, haha thanks Ill try them all and see what works best thanks!
HAHA that was so funny I forgot to laugh
Before looking at the motion of your fingers, make sure your hand position is positioned properly. Here is a good video to check out.
It looks you are definitely playing with too much tension. Ideally the pinky should move together with your ring finger, that way there would be the least amount of tension.