Hey all.
New to the forum and new to electric guitars.

Found this Epiphone Superstrat S600 for sale, Pink S-600 , and was wondering if this is a good looking deal.
I searched the forums and found this:

It looks like a Candy Pink finish MrFlibble made reference to.

Other than getting the serial numbers off it, are there some things to look for to be sure this is original. And if it is, do you all think it is worth chasing after? I have no idea what it is worth.

I am browsing the adds to find a good "starter" electric for my self and my 9 yr old son. Before I found this I was looking at Squire Bullets and the like.
I have played a little while on an acoustic.
Ide buy that for sure. Just because it's pretty unique. Try taking the duder down to 200 if he really needs it gone.
Thanks for the reply,uncle sprinter.

It is kinda cool lookin'. (Nothin' like the two you are looking at!) Can't say I set out to pick up a Pink guitar though. =)

The thing is, what I am grinding in my head is.... Is this S600 a better instrument than a Squire Bullet or Affinity.

Guess I am just being lazy in that if somebody has had a relationship with one and could say...."Wow yeah the thing is great" or like.... "meh, its aright...kinda".
It probably is better than a Squier, although the Squier affinity has alder body and almost unlimited modification capabilities, same goes to the Squier Bullet but without the alder body.