first post was wondering what way would i set up my pedal board.

i have a standard crybaby wah, a boss ge-7 equalizer pedal, and a boss dd3 delay, what order would i put them in? btw im using the eq pedal for midrange boost on solos, and having it after the wah but before the delay sometimes gives annoying feedback?

also any advice on using these pedals or how to get good sounds out of them is appreciated, especially the dd3 as i cant get good sounds out of it, anyone know any settings for setting a tiny bit of delay for solos to add some resonance, or how to get the welcome to the jungle intro sound? or even settings for the eq?

i'd put the EQ first then the wah then the delay

when using the delay try setting the feedback a little less so you get 3 or 4 repeats, also check your level, if it's too high it can sometimes start to sound over powering rather than a subtle addition to your tone that helps open it up. i used to have the DD6 and then switched to the DD20, delays are fun and can be a great aspect to your tone, just can't make it too much.
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I would recommend the marshal MG100

Very versatile and quality sound. It should treat you well