if you've heard or played this bass... whats your opinion?
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Considering I've never heard of vox basses they must be either really new, or really old.
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It's a 64 so it's old. I've seen one on my Local craigslist, it was like $500-$600 with case.

That said, I am really not a vintage fan, not the specs, but just if you plan on gigging, and really using a bass, you want a solid as shit bass, and a hollow body bass with a vintage price tag merits a look over by a competent tech or otherwise. at nearly half a century old, a lot can have gone wrong, or been modified, repaired etc. Vox is known for it's amps and that teardrop guitar, due to the large influx of garage rock revival bands, vintage gear, even vintage crap is sky rocketing in price. Never heard of a brand and looks old? Must be rare vintage stuff... couldn't possibly be a knock of hunk o' crap from a sear catalog, nooo sir it's mojo ridden history.

Again google search and inspect it very carefully, but overall it's probably best with flats for a vintage thump, it's not for your Motely crue or Tool covers.