Very Cold Lovesong (20/01/12)

Hey baby, why dont you come and take a look?
yes, put on some slippers and come look outside
i think i see the rain is weakening
i believe i see less water dripping
the pounding on the roof sure have lessend..

Hey baby, peer through the glass
i think i see the fog is clearing out
i think we might let the dog go out
i can see the outlines of the tree in the back
and the dark silhouette of the ol' pickup beneath

there's gonna be a break for the storm, they're saying (a long one)
i'll step outside and feel the wind slowing down
this'll probably be a good time you get ready
get to fix the broken window, seal up that leaking bit
warm the house, to keep the dog from crying,
light a fire in the stove, you know that winter's drawing near

you know that winter's drawing near,
and ill be back soon
yeh ill be back soon
you know ill be here soon
yeh ill be here soon...

(this is my 333'rd post, oh yeh)
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