Hi im upgrading from a marshall avt150 halfstack and i want to get more into a tube amp to get a poison, crue, really 80s sound. im getting about $600 to spend and i want to know if anyone has any ideas? combo or halfstack i just need to spend around $600 or less and if it would require a boost (ts808 or OD) please factor that in.


i was looking at a bugera v22 would a boost make that sound really 80s?
also my local craighslist has a blackstar club 40w for around $400 just sayin
Traynor YCV50Blue combo + boost?
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a peavey vk and a bad monkey pedal will do the trick
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I would recommend a JCM 900 or a JCM 2000 DSL. Both will definitely get you in the ballpark.
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Peavey Windsor. It's modeled after the JCM800, best hair metal amp ever.

its not modelled after an slo
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Get a Marshall Combo. I'm pretty sure Marshall is the 80's hair standard. You can have combos from Marshall at $600 or less. A JCM900 combo would do you well.

Otherwise pretty much any amp built for distorted tones would be fine. The 5150 or 6505 could be options though Ive heard lackluster things about the 1x12 6505 combos.

Bugera basically makes all Peavey ripoff amps so I suppose a similar amp from them will do well though Im not sure how reliable they are now. People are quick to say they still have bugs while owners of them defend their reliability.

Also don't look at new amps. You can't get way more for your money in the used market.

I'm not feeling this.

Any Marshall combo under $600 is bad advice imo. Sure there are some used JCM800 combos out there but most everything else I would stay the **** away from. A DSL might work but won't be of the same quality as the 800 or a Traynor YCV50B. Maybe the Class 5 for hair band stuff.

The 5150/6505+ is not the answer to 80's hair metal. I know it was a Van Halen sig amp basically but it had nothing to do with 80's hair metal. Like Ratt, VH, Warrant, Crue, etc.

Bugera makes clones of more than just Peavey. The Bugera 1960/1990 are dead strait after classic Marshall tones. The TriRec is supposed to be a Mesa or whatever. The V22 is after a Vox or Dumble tone. But yeah.

And I think you meant 'You can WAY more amp going used'....not can't

TS - 80's metal for the most part is rooted in the Marshall tone stack. Yes, Soldano and Mesa had a huge impact too - but you get what I'm saying.

Otherwise - most of the other recs in here are good so far....Windsor, Traynor, Valveking, Laney, stuff. Not really the V22 - but I'd like to hit with a boost some time and see.
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+1 Greg......there is stuff out there for sure.

Just in the last week there have been several amps posted that I would consider.

Kustom 212, Marshall DSL, Mesa DC3, Mesa Subway Rocket, Orange Tiny Terror, Mesa Blue Angel, Line 6 Vetta, Egnater Rebel, Line 6 HD147, Vox AD60, Carvin V3, Vox Night Train, stuff like that.

I guess the ideal tone im after would be simmilar to Satchel from steel panthers tone on the song "eyes of a Panther".

or maybe Warrens out of the cellar Ratt tone

or better yet if they had a baby!!!!!
you can get some decent ratt out of the 5150 for sure.

it's a clone of the amp that made the 80's what they were.

except for the aqua net and spandex.
Satchel has used all sorts of amps, jvms, dsls and even triple x's

Ratt from that era is pure old school marshall plexi tonez from what i can gather in the studio. Also rumour has it warren recorded solos on a cranked champ in the studio.

They also had a very questionable laney endorsment back in the day and i mean questionable because if you watch the vids from the 1984 pro shot tv concert you can clearly see a marshall jcm800 with a laney badge stuck on it in few shots on warrens side
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yeah, not sure if those Mesa's would do the trick for RATT but I bet you could get there. I'd probably focus on that Traynor or that Carvin V3. I've not played the Carvin. Maybe that Kustom and the Mesa DC3

If you can save a bit more and troll your local craigslist you will be a happy man.

Edit: the 5150 may have been a clone too but you can't deny the heaps of extra preamp gain the 5150/6505+ delivers. I just wouldn't buy one if I was mainly playing RATT type stuff.
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