The opening riff in hourglass is sick man! well the whole song is pretty good. Vocals are extremely aggressive! You HAVE to keep up the good work I love all sorts of metal but only when it makes my head move! Gun Shy is totally the heaviest song its almost my favorite you got uploaded. I liked your band keep it up guys!. IF you don't mind check out my band!

Pretty catchy opening riff in Hourglass. Then the section that follows hits pretty hard. Vocals are gritty. Lyrics flow well, but the word choice doesn't seem very varied. Still, the delivery is good. Are you guys still trying to complete your lineup?

The rhythm and drum parts for Self Destruct are cool. Clean vocals caught me by surprise. Riffing is good overall though.

The rest of the songs are pretty good too. Can't go wrong with Canadian Metal, haha. You guys produce a lot of good stuff.

@TheMysterious, your band shares some of the same influences as my band...we're just not that heavy though haha. Definitely enjoying the proggy, shreddy vibe though. Strong vocal performance. Very nice stuff.

Mind checking out The Midnight Crowd's (my band, if it wasn't obvious, lol) new song and let me know what ya think?