I ripped a string on my electric and have my acoustic to play until I get new strings. Will practice techniques on an acoustic help me getter better on electric? Would you guys recommend me practice alternate picking etc on the acoustic until I get my electric strings?

I guess I could practice acoustic techniques like playing chords and finger picking etc, but I want it to directly help my playing on the electric (solos, licks, riffs etc.).

Any suggestions?
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Playing on acoustic really helps in my opinion. I find it is typically harder to play rock solos, licks and such on an acoustic because there is less action, meaning that the strings are usually more tense and further away from the fretboard and you have to press harder to get a note to sound. A lot of good rock guitarists recommend warming up on an acoustic guitar.
Anything you do on one will transfer to the other - to an extent. I would say practice something you don't normally do, you'll become a much more rounded guitar player as a result.