My problem is simple, My clean settings are so low, when I switch from overdrive to clean there a very huge gap between volumes. Or maybe my overdrive is too high? What defines the volume since I only have 1 master volume..

I've ordered a footswitch and this problem is concerning me.

What can I do?

I guess playing around with the distortions post-gain to try and level the two volumes would work the best, for now.

Good amp though, looking to sell mine though for something better.
i hated mine. i found that i could never quite get the cleans loud enough to match the overdrive. and at lower volumes, the drive was horrendous, and higher volumes, the drive was even worse.

The ONLY thing i liked about it was the sanpera footswtich. really made life a lot easier. i used the volume pedal ALOT on it and it was nice to be able to have that kind of control as well as being able to do volume swells and whatnot. when you get it though, ur gonna have to mess with the switch inside that will change it from volume to wah mode. if you go just a little bit too far then it will switch and its a pain in the ass
which models you guys talking about?
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Post gain is where it's at. Turn the cleans up and the durties down.