... is something you never wanna absent-mindedly say when sitting in a room full of marines!!!!! however it happened. i took a lot of flak over that. but the silver lining of it was this. I got myself a new guitar for xmas( the Ovation C2078AX-RTD i posted). i've been trying to fall in love with it since i got it. i just couldn't. i put 3 different kinds of strings on it, adjusting the action each time. i went thru all my favorite picks. no matter what i did, i couldn't get a sound out of i that i was happy with. i had brought it down to Albany with me thinking that if i had a chance i'd run over to GC and possibly trade it toward something else, i was that frustrated with it. in my haste to get to the VA hospital, i had packed my guitar in the wrong case. anyway, when i broke my ring finger nail, i started looking around for my trusty loved Gravity guitar pick since i couldnt fingerpick, i couldnt find it but i ran across an old forgotten dunlop tortex pick in the wrong case. when i played again the sound was awesome! just what i was looking for ! i had spent countless hours trying to like that guitar, had almost given up and a cheap twenty cent pick made me fall in love with it! amazing ! i never did make it to a GC, i came home and it now has a spot on my cherished wall. stupid cheap pick was all it took.