OK boys, time for a new guitar, its between these 2

Fender American Special HSS this in the 3 tone sunburst



Fender American Special- this in Candy Cola Red


I do like HSS guitars, but I'm not a huge fan of rosewood, I prefer maple, I love both finishes. Now i'm a huge fan of 60's 70's and some 80's mainly 60's, I'm not into modern rock really but do like some 90s heavy rock so the Humbucker would be great. In conclusion, like both finishes, like the humbucker in the HSS, hate the rosewood, could be happy with the S/S/S setup and love maple necks, and the finish(Mark Knopfler favorite artist's finish)
Just get a Tele.
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I'm all for the buy American thing, but there's not much difference between the American Specials and the Blacktop series. The Blacktops are the best MIMs I've ever seen and they have 22 frets like the AS. They have the nicer headstocks, too. The AS looks like a cheap Squier (not that those can't be made into something great, but they do suck out of the box).

With a Blacktop you get an HH config. The knobs are a little weird, but that's easily changed. I haven't seen any with maple necks, though.

If you really like the American Specials, then you may like the Highway 1s also (if you can find one). Pretty much the same thing, but with a flat finish.

Sounds like you're set on the red SSS w/maple neck. While I prefer maple necks, only 2 of my guiatars have them and the rest are rosewood. One good thing about maple is that if it doesn't have binding, then the fret edges are more likely to stay smooth. Sometimes rosewood and bound maple can shrink under the frets and expose sharp ends. Rosewood needs more maintenance so it doesn't dry out. Other than that, there isn't a significant difference unless you've got a highly highly tuned ear. Your fingers shouldn't be touching the fretboard itself much anyway. There's a much bigger difference in feel if you have a scalloped fretboard or if you have much larger frets (like with an Ibanez Wizard neck).

Good luck with whatever you get and play it in good health...
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Get a Tele and slap a Seymour Duncan little 59 in there and be just like me!

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