It's a tuning I actually use more on my electric, but it sounds great on acoustic too, and I figured that I would reach more alternate tunings fans here. It is used by bands like Joan of Arc, American Football and so on, and I really like the possibilities it offers. It has some really nice sounds. I just wanted to share. If you have any tunings you like, want to make us discover, go straight ahead
I rather enjoy messing with open tunings though I haven't done any actual full compositions or anything with them. I must say that tuning you suggested is very warm feeling to it, especially on my nylon(I use my steel string to much to put it anything but standard for long(main guitar at university)). I rather like it, and it puts some grooves down really well though I'm not exactly sure how I would like it for fingerstyle ballads or anything like that.
What are some of the benefits of the tuning you mentioned? As someone who is trying to write in the vein of Guthrie Govan I'm interested in trying something different.
Scratch that... if you combine some travis picking and put a simple little melody on top its lovely. Very easy to get very warm and obscure harmonies(but not ugly, just not common!) going.... I like this.
Just tuned the dean exotica to this, and I couldnt dig it...I play in Dadadd, dadgad a lot so maybe i just need to play with it for a few days. Open it sounds lovely but I dont see any other real benefit...
I love it for Post-rocky kind of stuff, there are nice harmonies. That being said, tunings aren't for everyone, I personally hate DADGAd, but I know people that swear only by it.
I've discovered that a slight variant, FACGCF, is a little easier to use. So far I like it for a little bit of travis picking to create some interesting jazzy folk sounds. Some very interesting chord shapes are available.
Love that tuning. Another nice American Football style tuning is DAEAC#E. I've broken a lot of strings with that one but it's worth it.