Hey guys.

I've been playing guitar for a few years now but soloing is something I've always had trouble with. People always tell me "learn scales dude" and I do but I don't really know how to apply them.
I was wondering if you had any tips for me on our to get better. I'm not really sure what to practice to get better

I'll list below what I know/can do soloing wise
- I know some scales but don't really understand scales, what how to work out what scale to use for different songs.
- can do all the basic stuff like hammer ons, pull offs, bends, slides.
- I've written some basic solos for my band but just work it all out by ear
- When it comes to reading sheet music, I can read the basic rhythm but I generally play it on guitar pro if I'm not sure the rhythm of the solo
- I can name the notes on the fretboard

So I think I'm really lacking in the music theory knowledge and understanding.

A very short list of what bands I'm into:
Foo Fighters, Queens of the stone age, Karnivool , Audioslave, The living end, Nirvana, Pearl Jam.

I was thinking AC/DC would be a good place to start learning some solos.

Any tips and links would be very useful!
Thank you very much for your help
AC/DC would indeed be a good place to start. Pentatonic scales are basically the only thing that Angus uses in his solos. And the pentatonic scales are very easy to learn and get used to as they only have 5 notes.

Your knowledge of theory may be lacking, but then again, theory is not required to be a good musician. I recommend that you do learn it (www.justinguitar.com would be a good place to start), but it's not a requirement.

But learning theory alone is useless if you can't apply it. I like to think of it as a driver's license exam: Theory is the written exam, playing the guitar is the road test. Writing a test won't make you a good driver, but applying what you learned can.

Another thing that would help you is doing some improvising. Just put on a backing track and have at it. Try to stick to a scale at first (I suggest a pentatonic scale), but once you get used to that, add in some notes that don't fit and see if you can still make it work. Since you already know the notes of the fretboard, all you need now is the notes of whatever scale you are going to use.
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ok thanks dude.
I already know Pentatonic scales so learning AC/DC solos should be a good next step
Strait playing the solos is probably the best approach to learning how to do solos, if you already know your scales then you have one up for writing them once you get a hang of playing them.

You can try out Slash,Santana, Maiden (good for practicing gallops as well) all of those bands have very prominent lead guitar that can help you learn little licks or approaches to solos.

You can even just sit down and throw on a catchy back track if you want and just fiddle around trying to improvise a solo.