OK boys, time for a new guitar, its between these 2

Fender American Special HSS this in the 3 tone sunburst



Fender American Special- this in Candy Cola Red


I do like HSS guitars, but I'm not a huge fan of rosewood, I prefer maple, I love both finishes. Now i'm a huge fan of 60's 70's and some 80's mainly 60's, I'm not into modern rock really but do like some 90s heavy rock so the Humbucker would be great. In conclusion, like both finishes, like the humbucker in the HSS, hate the rosewood, could be happy with the S/S/S setup and love maple necks, and the finish(Mark Knopfler favorite artist's finish)
I've tried the Sunburst SSS Strat and it's really good. I really liked it. But it's up to you, which ever one you like better.
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You could always throw an SD Hot Rails or something of the sort in the bridge of the SSS.
I had a sunburst SSS American Special. I LOVED it. I went for the maple neck because it had a great feel to it. Unfortunately I had to sell it to upgrade my amp, but that's a different story...

I agree with Soccerguy - go for the one that has the main features you want because you can always drop in a stacked humbucker later.
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