My first acoustic was one of those starter Yamaha's that cost 150 bucks, and it is great...I actually think its better than my dean exotica east andes, which other than being pretty, aint nothin special...anyways, the neck is cracked right behind where the headstock begins to change angles, and I have an old Goya that is cracked in the same place but when i found the Goya it was already like that. My question is....why are they cracked in this location? Is it from improper truss rod adjustments? The Yamaha was taken care of but cracked after being knocked over one time while leaning on the wall.
It's a weak spot on the neck. Gibsons suffer from the same problem, as do Epiphones. Some makers add a volute at this spot of the neck, however there's some debate as to whether it actually helps prevent headstock cracks.
Hmmm...I just purchased an Epiphone ej200 this evening...so just dont lean it on the wall i guess? Does humidity maybe play a factor in if it cracks or not? I want to keep the ej200 for as long as possible as it will be my first acoustic purchase (Yamaha was my xmas gift 6 yrs ago and i stumbled upon the goya via an old roommate)