I've played in my school's jazz band for 2 years, though the pieces were more pop songs with a jazz vibe so that point is moot. Regardless, I want to try and learn how to play jazz. I feel I'm a mid-level intermediate player, and I am wondering what kind of pieces would be good to start off with. Preferably a more well known/easy piece please. Thanks.

I'm sure you guys get asked this a lot, and I'm sorry to be a pain.

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Look into a real book, those tend to be full of good ones. Also work on improvising solos over changes, that's incredibly significant in jazz.

Some good standards to start up on (off the top of my head)

Autumn Leaves
Stella by Starlight
What's New
Night in Tunisia
Any Rhythm Changes tune
Moonlight in Vermont
I'll Remember April
All the Things you Are
Beautiful Love