man I just picked up my guitar for the first time in maybe a year. this also my first time back to this forum is nearly 1 year.

well I gotta tell you it sucks. I never got the chance to take lessons. I bet like 11 months of lessons would have helped. I had some other things going on though in life so I couldn't do that.

anyway picked up the guitar today. I remember I was working on getting faster doing this scale. I don't know what good it is though I can play it at a decent speed.

I think my picking still sucks. it always feel to loose and gets caught in the strings.

I got plenty of time to learn since I am bored of everything right now. I am not sure if I should learn a new solo or just do scales. I don't know how to apply scales to anything so I don't know if that's any good.

I can't play any songs through. Most of the music I like is to difficult.

The only solo I can play is "nothing else matters" by metallica. it's probably the only thing I can play on guitar at the actual pace of the song and cleanly. I hate that solo though lol.

what do I do? can anyone recommend a solo or a song or something for someone crappy like me?
I also never got to take lessons, but Rock Discipline helped me immensely! Btw nothing else matters was my first solo but I quickly learned Aces High all the way through shortly after so I think thats a good one, since its got easy chords and pretty simple and fun solo. That or Breaking the Law! Hope it helps
I think you should start taking lessons. You should check out my youtube channel in my signature for that - to answer your question, the major scale is where you should start. Check out the major scale p.1 video where I discuss this as well as your question about picking.