Well I just got the new Fender Super Champ X2 this little monster is unreal the amount of gain on tap is crazy.

There is 2 metal setting 90 metal and 2000 metal ( 2000 metal is base on the Fender Metal Head) but sounds so much better with tube power.

I'am not much for clean sound but the X2 has killer sounds on the clean side.

I ran my Pod HD500 on the clean amp sims and sounded great with very nice tone.

For the $$$$ it kills the BlackStar HT-5, Orange anything, any low watt amp and yes I have played most of them.

Now the down side:

No mid control.

No FX loop.

No USB cable.

Fender Fuse will not work with amp yet but I'am sure Fender will fix this.

Bottom line:

If you want a low watt but high gain amp that can do jazz to death metal get this little monster yes it has some cons but for the $$$$ I do not think you will find anything better.

I'am very happy with this amp Fender has a winner with this low watt amp.
Great Amp!

Happy new amp day.

Now. I wouldn't say it can do Death Metal. It is still a modeler so an FX loop is not really a good fit. It was one of the first good modelers imo. It is not going to have Fuse or USB. Still a great amp for rock and blues for $299 new.
fun amps for sure.

love those little things.
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I want a Fender '65 Deluxe Reverb badly but simply cannot justify getting one/building one when my Superchamp sounds so close as it is.
Wait is this different from the Superchamp XD?

Off to google.

Edit: Oh, wow I missed this one... But why are they 'unveiling' a product at NAMM this year that is already on the market?
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Unless its electronic drums.

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Wasn't it announced for NAMM?
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Wasn't it announced for NAMM?

Ya that's what confused me.
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Unless its electronic drums.

Best I can tell the USB is about the only thing that's different. And Fuse is definitely supposed to work with it according to the Fender site.

An FX loop would be useful. Being a modeling type amp doesn't really change that. The XD has a mod for that, but I never did it with mine because the main point of the amp IMO is it has what I need in a small package and sounds great. If I want mode flexibility I'll throw a multifx in front of the clean channel.