This is most likely a really stupid question but could somebody tell me what interval means in music in plain english.

This is what I think it means but I could be very wrong, I just started theory so don't make fun

An interval is the space between each musical note. For example the space between C and D.


Thanks for your help.
An interval is the distance between two musical pitches. Click the link in my signature and watch major scale p.1 for a better more in depth description.
An interval is the space between two notes. C and D is an interval. So is D and C. C up to D is an interval of a major second, and D up to C is an interval of a minor seventh.

In relation to C:

C - unison (1)
Db - minor second (b2)
D - major second (2)
Eb - minor third (b3)
E - major third (3)
F - perfect fourth (4)
F#/Gb - augmented fourth/diminished fifth (#4/b5)
G - perfect fifth (5)
Ab - minor sixth (b6)
A - major sixth (6)
Bb - minor seventh (b7)
B - major seventh (7)
C - octave (8)

So the minor second of C is Db, which is one semitone higher. The major second of C is D, two semitones higher. Likewise, the major second of D is E.
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