I bought a Mephisto head this summer, and loved it so much after a week of playing that I ordered a combo. I was using them to record in stereo, but I found out how to do it with my combo and a Koch Loadbox II with satisfactory results.

It really does everything I would every want an amp to do . . . Vox clean, Fender clean, crunch tones, intense fuzzy distortion, and new tones when the channels are blended in parallel modes. I'm talking crazy tube envelope follower sounding tones.

I most use it as a foil for psychedelic music since the amp takes effects so well (even better than the Barcelona I used to own). Look "Moogphisto Variations" up on Soundcloud.

You can see it up on eB, if you're interested. No reserve. Practically new condition.

I don't really know why noone is talking about this amp . . . too far ahead of it's time??????????????
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