So when I'm playing my Epiphone Les Paul with VOX DA5, there's often an annoying aggressive-sounding buzz which gets worse as tone goes up, and as volume and gain go up aswell.

I thought it might be this mains hum that everyone goes on about, but it doesnt sound like this:


If I press my finger on my laptop, the hum gets worse! If i touch a metallic part/string on my guitar, it goes away, but then when i play a note it accompanies the note. Once, I unplugged my printer and it went away alot. However recently I've unplugged everything and turned all lights off etc and it still happens, both in my family home in the loft room, and here in a 6 person student house.

I have read about 'guitar grounding issues', I bought this guitar from a guy who seemed to really know his stuff so unsure if its that.

The main thing is that if I literally pick up and move my amp around to really specific spots in the room, only at certain times of day, it will go away. Ideally i'd be able to just rock out with it in the ideal spot though.

The DA5 has a useful 'noise reduction' toggle which does get rid of it, but at the expense of some note 'length'.

Thanks, as you can probably tell I'm a beginner to electric guitars, so any help would be appreciated.
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Dear fellow,
Amps - and any electronic devices -, but also guitar's pickups, are submitted to many interferences. EMI and RFI, produced by radios, TV-sets and computers, are among the most common. The domestig plug is also a major source of hum and buzz.
If you want to play at home (and really care about your sound), you can take some precautions. Shut down any computer or TV set, first of all. Then, buy a power conditioner provided with RFI/EMI filters (I recomand you a relatively cheap but effective Samson PowerStrip PS10, but if you afford to spend more, there are many Furman or Phonic power conditioners available).
Also make sure your pedals are supplied by a filtered power source, like a Dunlop DC Brick, a VoodooLab or a SKB PS55 powered pedalboard. Make sure your cables are premium (Evidence is the refference, but you can also use Elixir, George L or Planet Wave, and Ibanez PSC for patch cables).
You also need to shield your guitar internally, to a specialized shop and using copper sheets, because I assume your guitar is not a Pro tool, so it only has an average shielding.
If you do all these stated above, you'll get rid of the hum and buzz, I guarantee. I'm only afraid the costs will be too high for what you can get when playing through a Vox DA5... Only the Evidence Lyric HG cable costs more than your amp.