I was originally planning on buying Dunlop 65,
but unfortunately I couldn't find it around me area.
And the guitar shop seller introduce me to this...
does any of you got any review on this brand or ever used it before?
These won't damage if I spray them on a "maple neck" right?

btw. It's For Cleaning My
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I've never used them, but they are made for instruments. I think you'll be fine
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I agree. They're not as big as Dunlop, but they're good. And, as cleaning strings is not brain surgery, you shouldn't have any problems with this cleaner.
ok.. I guess they should be fine... hopefully no damage!
hey guys~how often do you use these kind of stuffs?
I usually don't use stuff specifically designed for guitars like that. I keep a bottle of pure lemon oil in the fridge for the frets every time I restring and usually just warm water to clean the body and a can of air to blow out any dust that might have gotten inside around the pickups.
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