Oh dear. Its so bad I feel like crying. Its stuff like this that will thankfully kill off metalcore. Stupid genre for insecure 14 year olds failing at school. This song is completely generic and formulaic in everything from the music to the lyrics to the stupid haircuts, its like they saw 100 other metalcore acts and thought "lets do exactly the same". Aim a bit higher next time.
Everyone has their own opinions, we've been told our new stuff which we've played at gigs (which isn't recorded yet- will be recording in May) is a lot better, more unique and makes us stand out more. Secondly, we're not 14 year olds who failed at school, I'm 19 at uni and have a part time job and passed every subject in school with high grades, the others are all in college/ uni as well, over the age of 14 (guitarist/vocalist is even 25!) and have done very well in school. Our haircuts are all different, me the other guitarist and vocalist have medium length hair, the drummer long hair, the bassist short hair, also, i thought music was about a bunch of notes being put together, not how good our hairdressers are, get your head out your ass! I don't care if you don't like our music, every band has their haters but it just shows how pathetic you are if you think every metalcore band are 14 year old school drop outs and that haircuts have anything to do with the music!
I was just being blunt, in all honesty, no one will be listening to this song in ten years time. You guys are pretty tight as a band and have some technical ability, so don't hide behind the safety of something that has already been done to the point of cliche and beyond. Go make a name for yourselves and start something people will remember.