i added shit for the shits and shits
^has drums but are ****ed up

^doesnt have drums

anyone have any advise to stop audacity from ommitting random parts and offsetting my recorded music? it really ****ed up my drumming. it took so long to get the other parts and tracks to not offset, but the drums, well, i cant keep rerecording drums all day, its too cold in my garage

i dont have anything better to do, so i just record shit.6
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I really like the progression and the effects are quite well done. Don't worry about just recording shit, it's basically what My Bloody Valentine did for two years and they came out with an awesome album The gradual swell towards the end is awesome.

c4c http://soundcloud.com/theamazingsky/lightfall
When altitude dropping, my ears started popping. One more red nightmare...
The delay effects r great man. And the tones r so pleasant and warm. The Clean lead is perfect for it. The distorted tones were ok. The playing was great tho. Love the solo towards the end. This is a great instrumental man. Pretty mellow beginning and good build up at the end. Keep it up man.
Crit mine?
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thanks for the crit guys, il get back to all of you sometime tonite, i promise. but bump because i changed the song

ok, what the ****? why does shit randomly get deleted, it offsets my music entire bars. the whole time i kept having to rerecord my tracks, like ten times each just to get it to work, and the drums ended up offsetting themselves. im not even going to bother.... i give up on life.

can anyone tell me why audacity ****s my shit up? especially the drums
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