I have upgrading my gear and I need a new amp

I play metal such as avenged sevenfold, price range is 200-500 cad
I need a heavy distortion and a clean channel thanks.
thats about £300 max right? try out the new fender mustangs they are seriously amazing amps, so many built in effects and such diverse customization to use. you also get free software to record on your computer and fine tune your presets. ive got the mustang III (100w) and i couldnt believe it, it beat out half of the marshall and fender tube amps in store. its got serious volume aswell or it can be real quiet for praciting

its heavenly
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I would suggest Peavey Vypyr, but I am not sure what model falls under your budget.

i fully disagree with this. if you do any modeler the fender would be the way to go. i couldn't get a decent tone out of my vypyr for the life of me. worst $400 i'd ever spent