I have an Orange Rocker 30. Not the heaviest head out there but i'm rather weak

I need to get it to and from gigs using trains, tubes and buses. What would you suggest is the best way to get it around? I'm looking for something that makes it weigh nothing while moving it around. I'm thinking one of those lifting things with 2 wheels? I don't know the name of them.

How do you get yours around?
could use a luggage dolly. Strap the amp on it, and wheel it behind you.
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I use a big backpack from Gap, it's supposed to be use for camping but my head fits in it perfectly!

Although i'd recommend you to be carefull with your amps tubes, my amp is a transistor so i'm not so worried.
honestly unless you go with a dolly or a handcart, nothing you can do would make it lighter/easier to carry. Depending on the size of the dolly I could see it maybe working, but I would worry about it being awkward if you were traveling in close quarters. Honestly, I would just hire a henchman.
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The specs on the Orange Rocker 30 combo are:

(W x H x D) 52cm (20.5") x 45cm (17.7") x 30cm (11.8"); Weight: 24kg (52.9 lbs.)

EDIT: The head is:

Dimensions: 21.65 x 9.65 x 10.04 inches (550 x 245 x 255 mm)
Weight: 40 lbs (18 kg)

A sturdy suitcase perhaps? Although that may may not offer enough protection.

I think you could look at a rolling case (with an extension handle like a suitcase or luggage dolly) that has enough internal room to allow for foam padding to keep the amp stable in the box.

Unfortunately, such a box may be cost prohibitive but if you are going to be using it to protect the amp...

There are several products on the market now to help DJ's... rolling mixer bags, rolling speaker bags, maybe one of those may fit your amp?

And be careful when moving the amp about with hot tubes... let them cool a bit if possible.
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It's like 4 kgs so it's ok :p

By the way, on thomann you can find cases for amp head, i think it's made for that but thats just more weight :p
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