I loved the metal tone of this amp when I played it at a music shop a while back. And theirs a guy a know selling one for $1000 as he's moving overseas

Here in Australia the 100 retails for about 1900-2000 so its like half price. Seeing as its a 2006 model, are there any things i need to worry about maintenance wise?
You might want to change the tubes unless the guy already changed them last year or so.
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You should always buy spare tubes when you get a new amp anyway, especially a used one. Even if you don't need them you will eventually.
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dude go ahead and get it, you wont be disappointed and at those prices you mentioned that sounds like a good deal. I've had my dsl for over a year now and absolutely no problems yet. I had the dealer install new tubes before i bought it so judging on how well ol' dude took care of it you might have to invest in some tubes like everybody else said but other than that its a fine amp.
yeah im planning on buying some TungSol 12AX7's and some JJ Tesla EL34's

Would that be a good combination for thrash metal?