Hey everyone

Im looking for some guidance so that I can learn some jazz/swing guitar. My reasons for this is that every thursday I go and volunteer at an old persons home and i said that i will bring my guitar in and play for them soon, as such I am looking for some help in relation to:

1. Good jazz/swing guitar pieces to listen to (and jazz guitarists themselves)
2. Some fairly easy but pleasent jazz/swing pieces to play, preferably with tabs on UG (I'm planning to do grade 6 rockschool shortly but am looking for stuff a little bit easier than this level if possible0
3. How to get a good jazz sounds, I have a peavy vypyr and a 7 string customized epi les paul with crunch lab 7 and liquifire 7 + a custom wiring for parallel wired pickup (gives an excellent clean sound)

My current influences tend to be blues rock and metal (think B.B. King, Page, Hendrix, A7x, Escape the fate) so I am pretty caried and have a good knowledge of the major and minor pentatonics and an ok grasp of the modes.

so for the people who tl;dr i want:

1. Easy jazz/swing pieces to play
2. Good jazz/ swing guitarists to listen to