Hey guys,

I'm applying to Uni to study Music Tech this September and for my interviews I need a portfolio of songs to show for myself.

So that's where you/your band come in. I'm willing to work on literally any genre of music. As long as you've got stem tracks for me to work with I will Mix and Master them for free! I can even add drums if you don't have any already free of charge as well.

So get in touch with me if you have all of your tracks already recorded and I'll get to work as soon as possible.

well i need to practice but i play country stuf solo. could we work something out?

electro-acoustic guitar player
(looking for band in or near rayleigh - essex - UK)
I'll be recording some guitar stuff with programmed drums tonight. Would you be able to master the drums seperately to make them more human ?
Well typically the task of making programmed drums more 'human' is something that is done during the MIDI input. Besides, that's not actually what I'm offering in this thread.

Thanks for the reply though