my shitty fender acoustic is just that shit , now i want to get the action nice or its gona die by me trying , ive already sanded down the saddle ( half arsed job its kinda wonky but still an improvement) now i need to ajust the slots in the nuts for the high e and maybe the b and g but im not splashing out on a set off expensive files , anyone got any ideas how i could file them down ? i found websites explaining how to do the larger stings (with some old wound string glued to a stick) but nothing on the thinner gauge ones , cheers
That is the kind of job that you really want to have precision tools for. BUT. I understand why you wouldn't want to spend so much money on specialized tools. What you could do is get some very fine sand paper and fold it over, using the crease to sand the slot. You might try putting a slightly thinner string inside to add control or support. For an acoustic high e you could use an electric high e.
If you decide to go this route you want to be sure that A) you sand downwards and not sideways which would widen the slot. And B) you sand the bottom of the slot on a bit of an angle so that the very front of the nut slot is it's highest point and the back is slightly lower.
A set of jewellers files are not that expensive and makes doing the job a lot easier and precise rather then some string and glue. I would invest in some good files if you care about doing it right.