Me an my son have been playing for about 2 years now and need to get a real amp. We have been using a little practice amp. The dilemma is that he plays bass and I play guitar and there is not enough room for 2 amps until we move in 6 months. So should I get him a bass amp and use his until we move and get my amp or should I get a guitar amp and let him use mine.

PS. I am cheap so only looking to pay between $60-120 for an amp and then as we get better get better equipment.

My Guitar Epipone Les Paul Special II

Son ESP LTD D-5 5-String Bass
Bass amp.
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I don't like to put away my toys. Me and my son usually will practice in the living room. We have our gear there now but most of the time the wife is yelling for us to put it away. So was trying to minimize static with the wife. My other thought is to get some material and cover up the amp when I am not playing and maybe put a plant or other decoration on top.