Does a tube amp need rebiasing every time one changes the tubes? I'm curious. Also, how does one go about changing the tubes? I've had my AC15C1 for some months now and I'd imagine I'll be changing the tubes sometime later this year, so I want to be ready. Those would be my main questions. I also have a small inquiry as to what tubes Vox players have been happy with after swapping out the old stock tubes? I don't want tubes that diminish the clean headroom and add more breakup. I'd like to keep my headroom where it is, perhaps even increase it slightly. I would also like to avoid harsh tubes that would diminish the pedal friendliness of my amp, as I have worked hard to get a good interaction between my amp and my dirt pedals.
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aren't the vox acs cathode biased?

don't quote me, though. but if so, you wouldn't need to.
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