Hi folks

Had a bit of a problem with my new Fender Pro Junior (Mark2) Amp.

I bought it a few weeks ago and after around, 2-3 hours cumulative use I noticed a burnt rubber type of smell coming from it, and a drop in volume and a slight dulling of the tone. One of the main amplifying tubes ('Groove Tube') had a burnt appearance like a burnt lightbulb. So I reckon one of the tubes has become burnt out.

Contacted the shop and they agreed to change the tubes although they said it sounded fine. After they changed it the guy mentioned it did have a brighter tone and it behaved itself when I got it home. The guy in the shop mentioned they do get hot and this may be the cause of the smell but having no experience of tube amps, I have no idea.

But again after a couple of hours cumulative use I noticed the same smell and a drop in volume as if the volume knob was turned down a notch and a half. This time the other amplification tube looks like a burnt lightbulb.

I'm going to contact the shop again but i'd appreciate some guidance as to what is going wrong here. Am I just unlucky or do you think there is a fault with the amp?


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Too much current? It could be poorly biased tubes. Really poorly biased.
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It shouldnt be too much current as the amp is rated for my power supply and was sold in this country. Can you explain what poorly biased means? Thanks for your reply.