Hi guys,

So, I just got a new toy. Was in my local music store, had fun with a couple of pedals and finally decided to go for the Digitech whammy. It's a lot of fun, 2 octave bends and whatnot.

So, has anyone here got the pedal too?
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HNGD Great pedal, you can do some crazy shit with it.

If i ever got one i'd learn every RATM song ever. If you don't know Calm Like a Bomb, you're in for a treat
You got to do two of either review, clips or pics.

Or people will grumble...

But, HNPD!!! Hope you enjoy
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I think so...
i have that pedal, i love it.

i look past the fact that it can get pretty muddy and can start to squeal a lot, and sometimes it sounds pretty fake, but the fact that you use it for whatever reason, it's just such a fun pedal. it's the only thing digitech makes that i like.

go learn some morello solos!
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I would recommend the marshal MG100

Very versatile and quality sound. It should treat you well
I have one, and it's pretty friggin' awesome.

It's very responsive to your pickups/clarity of the guitar signal to the pedal, so I found it to track my new ESP with EMGs a lot better than my Ibanez S with stock pups, and thus having been using it a lot more. Good stuff <3
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