Just got my TS9 back from AnalogMan, got the ts808 brown mod, i love it.

do you guys use a TubeScreamer? Have you had it modded by someone?

I also have a TS9DX that a friend has because he wants to try to mod it himself. But I might get it back and send it out to Keeley. Thoughts on the keeley mods?

What do you love about OD pedals? What amps do you send them into?

I have a twin reverb that picks up the TS great, and right when the amp starts to breakup you can really let it sing. If you have the drive on the pedal all the way down you can even get a nice borderline clean boost. Sounds nice with a mid-scoop as well.

That's it for the thread really, just wanted to reach out to my fellow TS lovers!

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I would recommend the marshal MG100

Very versatile and quality sound. It should treat you well
The actual TS9 is really overpriced, IMO. TS808 too, for that matter.

My TS7 is one of my favorite pedals I've owned, considering it only put me back $25, and sounds just as good.
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I have a Keeley-modded TS9, and I really like it. I've used it as a boost over the gain channels on my Peavey Ultra and Mesa Stiletto, but it's also great as a stand-alone OD over the clean channel. Neck pickup+TS9 with the drive up a bit over clean=smooth. So yeah, I definitely dig Keeley's mods on that pedal. As far as price, I found mine used, so it wasn't as bad. But I'd recommend it for sure.
i have a joyo clone

love them
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I have the TS-7 and love it to death. It's basically a factory modded TS-9 that they added a hot switch to for more gain with just a flip of a switch. I run it through my 'Crate V33h' as a boost or like a distortion and run it through my 'Fender Mustang I' used like a distortion pedal. It sounds great through both amps used both ways and replicates tube overdrive pretty damn good. Soon I will be running it through a Jet City JCA22H when I get it, I am sure it will totally kick butt in that.
I can plug it into a Spider IV and get a tone... that says something!
Gain @ 0
Volume maxed
Tone maxed