Wow what's up with the UG community?! Other boards are chit chatting away about this product and not a single comment on this board? My searching skills do often fail me, however.

I was just about to have another look at the GT-10 on the website of my favourite guitar amp and keyboard stockist (ahem) was surprised that it was only £299, and then I saw the GT-100, at first thinking it was another guitar synthesizer or something, only to find to my delight (and dismay at the the thought of having to meticulously research yet another product) that it was infact Boss's newest flagship multiFX processor!

Stated price is £399. Is it worth £100 more than the GT-10? Well from what I've seen so far it might be, and I'd say the improved DSP chip has got to be one of the main reasons. I haven't toyed with the GT-10 myself but apparently when you select another patch there is a silent gap/delay which disrupts play, but with the GT-100 the switch from one patch to another is seamless. But in comparison to other brand multiFX processors I haven't a clue how the GT-100 fairs in terms of DSP.

I might take the plunge and go for the GT-100 after a bit more research. I think the styling alone would keep me glued to it for longer during sessions. It's got an 80's back to the future thing going on, whereas the GT-10 is more like a 90's family saloon. Not cool.
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