Hey Everyone,

A few days ago I posted a cover of Mohammed's Radio by Warren Zevon. Warren in my opinion was one of the most underated musicians of all time. He was a true genius and he has had a major impact on my life and music. This was the first song of his I ever had the pleasure of hearing by him and Its still one of my personal favorites. Any criticisms or comments you can leave would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to anyone who does!


Nice guitar! And what a song. I like the way the camera is looking out through a half-closed door, nice touch.

Your voice handles this song reasonably well. However, maybe in order to sound more natural you could tone down a bit. Just take it easy when you sing, concentrate on connecting with the audience rather than sounding like someone you're not.

Please have a look at my youtube channel (link in sig)

EDIT: I just watched your cover of Like a Rolling Stone, good job! You sing it well for the chorus, not trying to stretch like some prima dona.
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Hey thanks alot man! That guitars my pride and joy. Thanks for the advice though. I still consider myself an amateur singer so im working on finding my voice. I hope it will come with time. But your right connecting with the audience is much more important. And you have my thanks once again. It took me a while to get that song right but it was well worth the effort. Im glad you liked it. Im just about to check out your channel now