Ive been playing guitar for 3 years on and off, recently started saving money and im looking for suggestions as to a new amp, pedals, and gear really

Budget - Around 600-700 Dollars Can.

Genres- Metal, leaning towards heavier stuff Protest the Hero, Lamb of god, PanterA, etc...

New or Used- Willing to look at either

Home or Gig? - Home for the most part, my buddies bring their guitars over from time to time but it doesnt need to be too loud

Closest City - St. Johns, newfoundland, Canada

Current Gear? - Epiphone LP Classic goldtop with seymour Duncan pups, came on the guitar so im not sure any more aside from that, and a line 6 spider 4 75w

any feedback would be greatly appreciated thanks
Would also like to point out that im fairly new to buying amps, not too good with technical terms, so if you could either explain or try to keep it simple, bare with me lol
If you're looking at amps, you could try the Peavey Bandit 112?
It's a fair bit less expensive than what you're looking for but it's built very well and the sound is pretty much perfect!

Plus there's a mic simulator. hahaha

Anndd an effects loop
Ill give it a shot, really just want to get clear of the spyder, not a fan of modelling amps, the peavy sounds great though
I've owned the Bandit 112 and the special 212, and the Vypyr 75, and now the 6505+ 112 Combo's. BY far the best sounding amp for metal that I have played is my 6505+ with the TS9 up front. I just saw one in the classifieds on this forum for like 450 us i think.

On Another note. The Vypyr gets great tone as well. I would suggest checking out the Vypyr tube 60 as well. Its a modeling amp but has a TON of great sounding tones hiding in it.
Really liking the 6505 +112 combo, what do you mean by the TS9 up front? sorry
The ts9 is made by ibanez and its an overdrive pedal. when i said up front i meant not in the effects loop. signal chain goes from guitar to pedal to amp input. This setup is fairly common for metal type music.
being that your in Canada, look at Traynor amps there are a few that fit what you need. They are also made in your country, and we know how important it is to help your own country out right now.
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i have the 6505+112 and it sounds really good. i'd recommend the way huge green rhino over a tubescreamer though. its a personal preference of mine.
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