Been working on this tune, on and off, for 2 years now and wanted to see if what people make of it so far.

When i started it, I only had the up to 1:20minutes done. I had something else after it but it really sucked, so it got changed. Only managed to get something in to replace it recently.
Some parts im still unsure about, but can live with for the moment.

So here it is. Enjoy. Any comments would be nice.
Its a GP5 file converted from a GP6. You may need to add a distortion guitar to the first and last (solo) guitar track. For some reason it changed them to a clean guitars.
Oh, and it has the repeats going for 1 extra repeat than intended. Dont know how or why it did that.
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A lot of parts in here are repeated unnecessarily. They don't really fill any function. You want to accentuate feelings with repetition and make the receiver feel what you want to convey. If it's an endless repetition, your music will be misinterpreted as boring.

There are some great riffs here though. 21-22 is the first one that comes to mind.

All in all, some hidden gems amidst the constant repetitions. Keep working on it bro, I'm waiting to see how it'll turn out!

C4C?: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1513616
Repeating problem is fixed. updated file in OP.

I would never claim to be a good artist, but I do try.
I prefer to write when I have 1 other guitarist with me (Im a bass player mostly, so I am only really accustomed to playing and creating rhythm) so we could bounce ideas off each other.
As it turns out, without one I tend to stick with what I like to hear, and at the time of writing most of this, I liked repeating certain elements.

As for the track itself, Bars 1 to 34 is just the intro. 35 onwards is the newest elements to the track and its supposed to be the actual song part (if i even had lyrics to go with it. Not very good with the wordsmithing...lol) while bars 49 - 52 Im no real fan of, but can live with till i can come up with something to replace it.
But the lack of lyrics has always posed a problem for me and my track writing. I never really know where to go after i make a riff.
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