After 2 years in the making here is Open Wide, The Sky's first album - Monolith! A mix of Opeth, Mastodon and BTBAM. We are trying to get our music out there and into the ear pussies of as many people as possible.

Check it out and if you wanna help us out like us on Facebook here -> http://www.facebook.com/pages/Open-Wide-The-Sky/125510380803044

We will also C4C anyone's track if they post it here in this thread.
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Open Wide, The Sky

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Cool stuff guys. For some reason you remind me a bit of Agalloch (perhaps it's the vocals), but that's not a bad thing. I think the music is great, and the only thing that could be better would be the production on some of the guitar tones and the drums. Overall great job, hope to hear more from you.

Listened to your song:

You should definitely had some harmonized guitar to that solo it would sound beast. The shouted vocals were actually pretty good, the screams could use a little work to fatten up your vocal tone. I liked the guitar solo at the end and the part at like 1:45 a lot.
Support new music, listen to my Prog Metal Band:
Open Wide, The Sky

Schecter C-1 Hellraiser FR White

Peavey 6505+ /w Mesa-Boogie Rectifier 2x12 Cab
I love this kind of music. Heavy and melodic. Very musical. Vocals are nice too. What a choppy sentence.
Thanks for the critique! I really enjoyed most of it, wasn't really a fan of the distorted guitar tones though. A little too muddy for my taste, but that could just be a personal preference thing. Vocals are pretty sweet too
Sounds really good man. You guys have a good sense of melody in your music. The vocals are ok but not really my thing. A bit too much low growl going on. If you guys were at a show though I'd give you a listen and not chill in the back like most do to new bands haha.

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I can't say I'm a fan of either the guitar tone or the drum sounds and the growls get a little lost in the mix, they seem to inhabit a similar area to the guitar and bass. I really liked the songwriting and found the mix between the clean and growled vocals well done. Here is a link to my work https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1514283

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The beginning got me swing my head a bit, which is very good. it was pleasure listening to this piece. The vocals were nice, and the playing too. Allthough I must say I didn't like the lead guitar part at ~3.30, for me it sounded like it was out of rhythm. But still, one single thing doesn't spoil the entire moment. it was really good, progressive as promised.


Alright, writing these as I'm listening to the songs

Should thinking be a sense:
Digging the intro guitar parts. Personally I feel the drums are too far in the background The lead parts played over the main melody sound really good, and they're definitely interesting to listen to. The change at about 2:00 is just perfect. The song's moving in a heavier territory now, and the guitars still sound amazing. Great smooth tone on the leads, and some awesome playing here. In this part I really miss the drums though. This part would sound so much better if they were brought more to the front. The ending's solid too. I especially like how the tempo's slowly brought down.

Personally I'm not a big fan of the phasery-effect on the synths in the intro. Though I must say I do like it a lot when the sweep gets deeper at about 0:40. I really like how the lower bass parts panned on the left swell and drop in volume. Beautiful tone on the strings in the higher register. I do feel the songs drags on for a while cause of the lack in dynamisc, but it will definitely do the job as a mellow closer.

Amazing job on these , the quality is great, the playing is great and I really dig the atmosphere it creates. So well done.