Can 11-50 size string work for drop A?
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It CAN, but you might want to go a bit thicker. I went down to drop A with 10-52s before, and the low E string was just a bit too loose in my opinion.
I use 12-56 for drop A# and I'd still like them thicker.
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I know this probably isn't all too helpful, but I have seen gauges of strings that to to .70. I can't remember who makes those, but they do get thicker than the .56. I know Dunlop has the ZW set that is like .10 or .11 - .60.
You could, but I use 10-66 on a 7 string for drop G#... so yeah, I'd go a bit thicker. I use 12-56 for C# Standard - a .056 in B has the same tension as a .009 in standard, so I'm gonna say that you should do probably a custom set of strings (ie, buy strings individually) with a set something like this: 13p-18p-24p-36w-46w-60w
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its all personal opinion...how slinky do you like your stings? i mean 10s are too loose for me in standard..try em out....strings are cheap
I'd go for a .060 at least for A.
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12-56 is perfect for me in drop B. I'd go 13s.
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