Hello fellow pit-dwellers,

I am playing a party-like gig tonight and am looking for fun things to do while/in between playing.

For instance a while back I remember somebody in the crowd brought a balloon that was tossed around and I hit it while on stage.

You guys have anything of the like that would be fun to bring? Or any stories of unique things that made gigs really fun?
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Wear a gas mask.
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Incest is wincest!

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Fleshlight, stick it between the legs of the guy infront of you and go bananas.
Pyro. Burn the god damn house down
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Listen to me and Jameh muck about on a podcast
as if you have anything better to do.

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Grass stains on my dicks

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Inflatable dingy and crowd surf.

Learn to be a ventriloquist and while singing stop moving your mouth and keep singing. People will think your lip-syncing. Lolz.

I cant think of anything else haha

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You should bring a cowboy hat. Bitches love cowboy hats.
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watching a movie
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How many of you are vegan?
Hopefully none

Does anyone know any fun recipes?
Yeah a big juicy flank steak

What can be done with tofu?
Nothing it taste like crap

Is there such thing as vegan meat? Vegan sausages ect
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You're playing with your band at a party. Get fairly drunk and just have a good time. You don't have to worry about your playing standards too much. Everyone is gunna be wrecked and if you're good, singing at the top of their lungs and dancing to much to give a shit whether you made a mistake or not.